The Naumburg Tramway at Your Service
A cordial Welcome to the Naumburg Tramway Company (Naumburger Straßenbahn GmbH).

The Naumburg tram now runs every day since April 2007. View our actual timetable here.

With their typical screeching sound the historic tramcars from GDR times run to and fro through the town and still maintain today the character and charm of a small town tramway. The line leads from Naumburg railway station to the town centre and is 2,8 km long.

Since its construction in 1892 the streetcar has survived innumerable closure-attempts and in turn has become an integral part of the character and quality of the city of Naumburg. Today the tramway belongs as much to the identity of the municipality as the famous cathedral.

Formerly called the „Wilde Zicke“ (wild goat), it’s the smallest tramway enterprise in Germany today. While the ring line remains unique in Europe, the tramway operation was stopped in 1991 and re-opened for daily service in 2007. The nostalgic rolling stock of the NTB dates from the 1950s to the 1970s and hence represents the typical pattern of carriage construction from the old East German days.

Let yourself be immersed by the rich culture, history and tradition of Naumburg and its medieval setting, and take a ride back in time aboard the nostalgic tramway.

We would be very pleased to welcome you as a passenger on one of our daily public journeys. The service is offered every 30 minutes. You can get your tickets directly from the driver or conductor. For your group-excursion we will be pleased to organize a special journey, with, it you wish, a wine-tasting and a guided tour of the historic depot (starting at 150,00 EUR).